About Me

Hello, I’m Katherine and I write things.

You can find my sketches at The Pit NYC, being performed by the awesome house team SLAPFIGHT, and you can find me afterwards in the bar.

I have written television sex comedy at 39,000 feet and several pilots that never got quite so far off the ground. I wrote an award winning off Broadway play about a murderous magician and her ill-fated assistants and I gave Prince Caspian his professional debut as the feckless Dante Gabriel in the London premier of Loving Ophelia. I have interviewed alien abductees, 1000 year old vampires and people who can see the future in beer foam – it’s looking good for tall dark handsome strangers, you’ll be happy to know.

My work has helped brands such as Visa, Ferinject, Women’s World Bank, Quest, Qorus and Campus Evolution Villages communicate more¬†effectively. ¬†I work as a freelance writer and creative consultant at Interbrand Health NYC, specialising in messaging, voice, and trademark.

I love to cook and feed my friends and write about it – check out my blog If You Can Make That You Can Make This

You can find my full CV here.

Feel free to contact me at katherinemaryknowles@yahoo.co.uk