The unexpected risks of trapeezing

Too hot to walk quickly through the muggy Manhattan weather, I strolled along behind a couple of girls and listened to them chatting.

“The great thing is, we’re really getting fit as a couple,” said one girl to the other.  “Not doing the same sports, but both doing more exercise.”

“That’s awesome,” encouraged the friend.

“Well, there might be a problem.”


“Nick signed up for Trapeze lessons and the instructor is Gary.”

The friend gasped in horror, “Not Gary Gary? Your Gary?”

“Yeah. Gary Gary.”

They rounded the corner and then they were gone, leaving me with a creeping sense of dread for Nick, up on his Trapeeze platform entirely at Gary Gary’s mercy, leaping off the platform, swinging through the air, leaping, reaching, and hoping, as we all hope, for someone to catch him.

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