Hipster Trap

As Jon and I walked through the urban wasteland of Gowanus Brooklyn, looking for a disused canning factory, we had to wonder; had we fallen into a Hipster trap?

We’d been promised a rooftop screening of an as yet unreleased indi documentary, preceded by a woman playing songs from her new Kickstarter-funded album, featuring the Zimbabwean thumb piano and a baritone ukulele. No word of a lie.

“This is exactly how I would do it if I wanted to trap a Hipster,” said Jon. “I’d lure them out to the middle of nowhere – it even says on the flyer that this is a disused factory – with the promise of off-beat entertainment. Maybe I’d bait the trap with a Luke’s Lobster roll, some organic, locally sourced, homemade artisanal shaved ice. Boom.”



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